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My Nose Thanks You!!! ★★★★★

by Philomere

This app is a delight for the senses in more ways than one: while I was immediately taken by the gorgeous photography and the accessible, conversational language, I was most delighted with the sorting feature which allows me to find sulphite-free wines. I also love that I can sort by appellation.

Although I initially bought this application for the compiled list of organic wines, I can already see how much my visiting out-of-town friends (with me in tow, of course) will enjoy the comprehensive, specially tailored touring guides.

Cheers, vinOrganica!


What a great app!! ★★★★★

by undertow

I love being able to find so many wineries that are making organic wines! In stores, it’s sometimes hard to find organic wines, and i find myself sticking to 1 or 2 labels with which i am familiar. With this app, i can see how much variety there really is, and i can even virtually explore the wineries!

So far, I’m very pleased with what this app has to offer, and I love the attention to detail that was obviously paid in the creation of each and every winery’s page!!


Clif Family Winery ★★★★★

by Efrain Barragan

This is the perfect wine guide for people on the go.


Love the visuals and the information ★★★★★

by Chowowa

I like knowing where to taste wine, and as someone with a sulfite allergy, having an app devoted entirely to organic, low-sulfite and biodynamic wines is a real boon. The interface with the iPhone is excellent; really sharp visuals and enough explanations of the various wineries, on first glance, to make using it easy. Whenever I am driving wine countries I will be sure to check this app; I high recommend it for oenophiles.


Simple interface, great content. ★★★★★

By rexofspades

With so many wineries out there it’s hard to plan a trip. VinOrganica makes it easy by giving you an immersive sneak preview of each winery. Also I like that every winery shares organic values. I live in Sonoma so I can say that the information regarding pricing and opening times is accurate and up to date.

The wine’s just fine. ★★★★★

This is a very well designed and useful app. The photos are gorgeous and helpful, the filtering options are excellent, and the selections are abundant. With the accompanying maps and lists of nearby amenities, this app feels like a necessary accessory for any expedition into wine country. Well done.


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Available as a mobile app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, VinOrganica California is a guide to wineries in California that produce organic wines and/or use organic grapes. Wineries do not pay a fee to be included in vinOrganica California.
In addition to a description of each winery, the app includes slide shows of the wineries, tasting room hours and fees, tour information, suggestions for nearby restaurants and lodging, wine prices, maps, and more. See screenshots here.
App icon photo by Omar G.
Header photo by Francine Schwartz.