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Francine Schwartz has written about a variety of subjects–from travel and mountain biking to health, movies, food and wine. She grew up in a household with a French mother who believes that wine is essential to a good meal and a good life, and a Roumanian grandmother who deplored anything that had added preservatives, and an American dad who loved French cooking. A proponent of organic practices and a natural lifestyle, Francine cares deeply about the environment. She lives near her daughter in Marin County, CA, with her calico cat and terrier mix.


Lee Callister is a web producer and writer who lives on a houseboat in Redwood City, California with a puppy named Ace. Lee has an abiding interest in politics, history, and sustainable solutions to the problems that plague the planet because of the species that is currently at the top of the food chain. He finds that an occasional glass of wine is good for the soul.

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  • Good Day and Happy New Year. Our wine club member Jasper Brinton sent an email about your site and app and said you’ve been contacting us. Well I’m here and sorry that I did not receive your contacts.

    We’d love to be included. But would have to correct a little HIStory in the meantime. Frey and Fitzpatrick Winery share the distinction of being the first wineries to make organic wines in America. To the exact day and date in 1980, the then BATF granted Fitzpatrick Winery our Bonded Winery number (BW4978) and with the stroke of the next pen granted Frey Vineyards their’s (BW4979). That is a fact, anything else is just posturing. However Fitzpatrick Winery & Lodge is a small family operation who grow all their own grapes (estate) and we’re located off the Organic Beaten path in the Sierra Foothills. We grew up, now in our 31st year, in relative ‘Organic isolation’ where Frey grew amongst a ever-expanding number of organic producers. Our stories are quite different but both pioneering in our commitments to producing a most civilized beverage in a most responsible way. Check out our new website (beware of the occasional unfinished page – I’m still writing some content and publishing intermittently.
    Let me know how I can participate and be of assistance to your exciting endeavor.

    Brian Fitzpatrick

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