Why Organic?

In addition to all the health and ecological reasons to farm and eat organically, organic farming as it pertains to grapes specifically allows the fruit to show more varietal character, exhibit more intense flavors and taste more like where they are grown (terroir). Growers of organic grapes are using creative methods to deal with “pests” and enrich the soil– including cover crops, mulch, beneficial insects (ladybugs, for instance) and composting. Some use sheep and other animals to chomp weeds and add natural fertilizer. These are all solutions that do not negatively impact the environment, but rather enhance it.

Many wineries that are currently using sustainable methods are moving towards organic. And some are adopting Biodynamics, a step beyond organics where the soil and the farm are regarded as living organisms. Many wineries are also using solar energy, recycling methods, and other green technologies.

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